The beginning stage involves gathering important information about your design objectives, budget, schedule and other criteria you have for us. This is also where you provide all of the 'Inspiration images' you've been saving on your phone for years or, this is the stage where you START saving your 'Inspiration images' on your phone. In any case, our design Experts will help you brainstorm your vision to make sure your home project is a success! 


In this stage, we will transform the goals and ideas from your now established program into conceptual designs. This will include graphical representations and relationships of spaces to one another, and may include several different schemes as we determine the ideal solution for your home.

3. Final DESIGN

Once the schematic design phase is complete and all details are finalized we will begin implementing the final design. This is the stage where we will go into design details about materials, structural, electrical systems and other finalized aspects. We will work closely with Engineers to coordinate all details of the design.


At this stage the Final design will be coordinated and complete. We will begin defining what's needed to successfully build your home. This drawing will allow you to apply for building permits and assist the builder in completing your project.